Our First 2×4 Project

 Our First 2×4 Project

Welcome to my first 2×4 project.  I was really excited when Gina at The Shabby Creek Cottage asked if anyone was interested in a building challenge using only 2 x 4 s. So I ran it by my husband first since he is the builder, and here we are.

Signing up was the easy part. Then we had to decide what to build. I was thinking maybe a bench or a shelf but my silent partner had big ideas. He said “let’s build a farmhouse style table.”   Since farmhouse style seems to be all the rage right now, this choice just made sense.

Farmhouse style seems to be very loosely interpreted these days, but when I imagine a table that might have actually been used in a farm-house, I see a table built using inexpensive materials, that served as a place to gather and share meals as a family. Nothing fancy, just functional and inviting.

If you have priced farmhouse style tables you know they can be pretty expensive. The key to keeping the cost of the table low is to build your own legs.  A basic leg of these dimensions will easily add $100 to your table build if purchased.

Our cost was $2.37 per leg, the cost of a single framing stud.

The total for this project came in around $75 dollars.


Our first 2 x 4 project is this rustic farmhouse style table that costs less than $100 to build.

Here’s what we used for our 2×4 project

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Supply List:

2 boxes, 8 x 2″ bronze, coarse thread pocket hole screws by Hillman

Elmers Wood Glue

Kreg Jig pocket hole tool

Kreg Jig self-adjusting, 6 inch clamp

4 each 36″ medium duty bar clamps

2 each 4.5″ vise grip wood clamps

17 each 2 x 4 x 8 select fir studs

chip brush

compound miter saw

table saw

Let’s get started…

The table dimensions are as follows; 6′ L X 31.5″ W X 30″ H.

There are a variety of leg styles you can make, we chose a 3″ x 3″ block style.

You will use one 2 x 4 for each leg.

Using a compound miter saw, we cut each board into 32″ sections.

Using a chip brush, spread the glue on the sections to be laminated.

It is important to note: make sure the glue is on both surfaces to be joined.

2x4 project

Spread the bar clamps evenly and apply pressure. You should see glue squeezing out when pressure is applied. You want this to happen. Have a cup of warm water handy along with some paper towels to wipe away the excess glue from the seams.

2 x 4 project

With the 36″ bar clamps, you will be able to stack the 3 board laminates together for set up. Allow your legs to set up at least 24 hours to insure proper adhesion.

2 x 4 project

We used a 10″ table saw to cut down the laminated legs to measure 3″ x 3″.

2 x 4 project

Next, we finished the length on all legs to 28.5″. We used the sliding compound miter saw for this.

2 x 4 project

For the table top we inspected and laid out 9 boards to see which ones fit best together.

We cut each board down to measure 6′ L.

2 x 4 project

Now you are ready to drill your pocket holes and join each board together.  Just follow the Kreg Jig instructions for joining 1.5″ boards.  You will use one clamp to hold the jig in place while drilling.

2 x 4 project

We like to use two scrap pieces of lumber and a clamp near the pocket hole when joining boards. This will insure you have a flat top when completed.

2 x 4 project

Space your pocket holes as necessary for the size and type of wood used for your project.

You will want to make an apron to transition the table top to the legs. Our apron measurements for this size table 22.25″ and 63″.  You will have two pocket holes on the inside of each board end where it meets the leg.  Space pocket holes as needed to secure the apron to the table top.

2 x 4 project

Now you are ready to lay your legs and apron pieces out on the underneath side of your table top and begin joining.

Rustic farmhouse style table using only 2 x 4s

We added 3, 24″ cross members for extra stability.

2 x 4 project

The final step was to sand all surfaces. We used a random orbital sander with an 80 grit disc to finish sand and contour corners and edges.

2 x 4 project

And just like that our 2×4 project is done and yours will be too.

2 x 4 project

The level of difficulty for this type build is intermediate but it is definitely worth the work to have a farmhouse style table for under $100.

If you have any questions about this project please don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments below.

Project Update!

We now have two benches to finish out our table. We used the exact same process as listed above and the total cost of materials for everything came in at around $175.

Our 2 x 4 project is now complete with 2 benches!

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    • taylorlisa43@yahoo.com says:

      Hey girl! Happy Leap Day…
      I plan on using milk paint thinned down to a stain consistency and then seal it with poly.

      I am so happy you stopped by.

    • taylorlisa43@yahoo.com says:

      I could never have pulled this off by myself. The table saw scares me. We just purchased the miter and table saw this month. He built 3 other tables using a hand saw and the Kreg Jig.

    • taylorlisa43@yahoo.com says:

      Thank you, thank you friend! It is currently sitting in my entryway waiting for a new home. 🙂


  1. Heather says:

    I am intrigued by the legs that you built on the 2×4 table. Could you please give me some more info on the process? I am fairly new to the world of woodworking and still have much to learn. Thanks!!

    • taylorlisa43@yahoo.com says:

      Ok, basically you are taking 3, 2 x 4 s and making a layer cake with them. You apply glue, (frosting) in between each side that will be touching.
      Does this help? I am glad to add more details if needed.

  2. thehandymansdaughter says:

    Love your new table! I’ve been trying to convince my husband that we need a new table, but so far all I’ve only been able to persuade him to add a bench to our existing set. Baby steps, I guess!

    • taylorlisa43@yahoo.com says:

      Vineta, we have built 3 farmhouse style tables not including this 2 x 4 project. I have 2 of them, one in my kitchen and the other in my dining room. 🙂 With your skills, building a new table will be a snap girl!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Hannah, thanks for asking about our 2×4 bench. I will need to double check with my husband on the dimensions and quantity of boards used. That project sold, so I can’t measure it for you.

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