Powder Room Makeover Under $100

This powder room makeover was completed in 48 hours, and I still had $16.50 left in my $100 budget for all the many coconut milk mochas.

This powder room makeover was completed in 48 hours and came in well under my $100 budget.

Brace yourself for the before photos of this powder room makeover.  Although I take full responsibility for the unfortunate choice of paint color, I would like it noted that I made this choice before I went gluten-free. I can see all things clearly now that the gluten fog has lifted.

Let me give you just a small amount of background before we dive in. I’ve shared with you before that my home was a builder model. We purchased it fully furnished. The entire house with the exception of the kitchen, downstairs powder room, and three bedrooms, is painted builder beige.

The home was constructed and decorated in 2005. Think all things gold, red, and sage green. Are you with me?

This powder room makeover is all about how changing your wall color can totally transform your room.

The kitchen and downstairs powder room were both painted in some cranberry color, and about six years ago I decided I just had to have it painted in the color you are about to see. (hangs head in shame)

I was okay with my color choice at first because it wasn’t red, but a few years ago I realized I just couldn’t live with it anymore. There was a lesson to be learned from this experience that I would like to share with you.

My mistake was trying to choose colors to work around someone else’s taste instead of my own.

Be true to thy decorating self.

That should probably be on a coffee mug or maybe even a t-shirt.

So after much negotiation with my silent partner, we decided to paint the kitchen walls and cabinets. This meant the unfortunate gold paint would have to go.

I can’t even begin to tell you what a huge difference painting the kitchen made. I still just sit and gaze upon it’s light and creamy yet slightly gray in some light beauty. The heart eyed emoji must have been created just to describe how the new color made me feel! #paintnerd

Now that you know the backstory let’s get on with this makeover.

I will admit my last $100 room makeover fell way below my expectations and I feel like I really needed to redeem myself this time around.

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After learning all the many lessons from that room, I decided months ago that for this edition of our Inspired Makers Challenge it was a powder room makeover or bust for me.

As you can see, this room already has great bones as they say. What’s not to love about a pedestal sink and hardwood floors? The painter installed beadboard and a chair rail which gives it a farmhouse type look. (save the ugly paint color)

We changed out the light fixture, added the matching towel and toilet paper holders, as well as the mirror.

The one thing I absolutely love in this space is the artwork. It has such a great old-world vibe.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the corner shelf thing chosen by the silent partner.

My to-do list in here is the shortest in the history of DIY.

  • Paint walls
  • update the frames
  • add light sconces
  • update the mirror
  • sit back and drink coffee when finished

It doesn’t get any easier than this, my friends.

So for two days straight I painted and touched up and painted some more.

Are you ready to see this powder room makeover?

My powder room makeover came in under budget and I pounded it out in just 48 hours. Come see what a little paint can do for a room.

It doesn’t even look like the same room does it? The wall color I chose is called Swiss Coffee. I used the same color on my kitchen cabinets. (currently unfinished)

The star of this powder room makeover is definitely the clean new wall color. Swiss Coffee by Sherwin Williams totally transformed this dark and gloomy space.

I had originally planned on painting these frames, but once I started sanding, I was digging the rustic look.

When planning a powder room makeover, it's a good idea to update things you already have in your space to save precious dollars in your budget.

You know how much I love fresh flowers and since I had a little wiggle room in my budget, I decided why not.

The 48 hour $100 powder room makeover is complete and the new paint color by Sherwin Williams in Swiss Coffee is a winner.

On a scale of 1 to 10 my level of excitement over this room is a solid 20!

It’s light and fresh looking with just a few rustic touches to add warmth and a little depth.

A Quick Recap

I know the burning question you have right now is, did I come in under budget right?

Here’s how I spent my money

  • 1-gallon HGTV Sherwin Williams Infinity Paint $43.18
  • Three new light shades $4.47 each
  • Waverly chalk type paint in Mineral and Ink $5.97 each
  • One fresh flower arrangement $14.97
  • Total of $83.50

I’m imagining you giving me a standing ovation right now, and I’m taking a bow.

The star of this powder room makeover is definitely the new wall color by Sherwin Williams in Swiss Coffee. It totally transformed the room.

I completed this room in 48 hours. That’s right two days worth of work.

I painted the walls, distressed the picture frames, and created a layered finish on my mirror.

Here’s what didn’t make it into the room

There are a couple of things I wanted to add but there just wasn’t enough in the budget.

Here’s why; I started with 3/4 of a gallon of my kitchen cabinet paint thinking it would surely be enough.

Just to be sure, I didn’t purchase anything for the room in advance except the light shades.

I wound up running out of paint around 11 am yesterday and had to make a frantic trip to Lowe’s for more.

That $43.18 was almost half the budget.

No new rug or anything to adorn the wall behind the toilet for Lisa. I’m just so happy that tragic golden glow is gone!!!!!

So what do you think, did I redeem myself this time?

I feel like I can finally exhale and count all my leftover money.

I am off to brew a cup of coffee and see how my lovely and talented friends transformed their rooms.

Until next time,

Your tired but happy sister in paint,


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This powder room makeover happened in just 48 hours and came in under budget. The new wall color is the star of this show.

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  1. Susanne says:

    The powder room looks so much bigger with the color change 💖💖💖. Bravo , Bravo! I am standing up at work right now clapping for you my talented friend! 48 hours, that has to be a record!!!

  2. sherry says:

    Yes, I am giving you a standing ovation right now. Lisa, this bathroom is beautiful and bright and you should be proud. I have always loved white beadboard.Great job!

  3. Sarah says:

    I absolutely, cannot even get over the change in this room. The gold was….well….it was bad. But look at it now!!! So, so, so pretty!! And I have to say, I’m really glad you didn’t paint those frames. I really enjoy the rustic look on them! Standing ovation, Lisa!!! 😀

    • Lisa says:

      We will conquer the color beast! The irony in all of this is after living in military housing for so many years I swore I would never have white walls. LOL

  4. Kim says:

    Lisa, your powder room is gorgeous!! That gold, though! You are the queen of 48-hr makeovers, that’s for sure. The light color is so fresh and makes the room look huge, and really shows off the floor. 😀 Gorgeous!

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