Kitchen Makeover in 31 Days: Saturday Morning Recap

It’s time for the Saturday morning recap of my kitchen makeover progress during the last full week of the Write 31 Days challenge.

Starting October 1st hundreds of writers will accept the challenge to write every day for the entire month. I hope you join me for my Kitchen Makeover in 31 Days.

It’s here.

The final Saturday morning recap of all the progress I made this week in the kitchen.

Have you ever watched anyone run hurdles in track?

My son ran the 300-meter hurdles for two years. It’s a combination of speed, endurance, and timing that kept me on the edge of my bleacher seat every time he raced.

I’m pretty sure I held my breath until he crossed the finish line each time.

This past week for me has been not unlike a 300-meter hurdle race.

As I made it over each “hurdle,” I kept telling myself just one more, just one more until I finally crossed the finish line Friday.

 Saturday Morning Recap

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I hope you have a beautiful fall weekend wherever you are.

Your sister in paint,


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