I’m Dreaming of a Slower and Simpler Christmas

If you are dreaming of a slower simpler Christmas, you’ve landed in the right place. My motto this year is “simplify to create serenity.”


Are you craving a slower simpler Christmas season this year? Let's pinky promise to keep it simple sister friend.

Close your eyes and think back to your earliest childhood memories of Christmas.

Try to remember everything you can about it. The smells, sights, and sounds.

For me, many different things come to mind.

I remember going out to my uncle’s land to find a Christmas tree with my mom and dad.

I remember the baking that started weeks ahead of time.

I remember the tiny tabletop silver aluminum tree that my grandmother put up every year. It was wrapped in a small snow blanket, the kind with glitter flakes and the only decorations were shiny red glass balls.

Here’s what I don’t remember; no one in my family seemed to be stressed out over all the many holiday to-dos.

Christmas was slower and simpler then.

I’m sure our family members had worries, but rushing around and creating HGTV worthy holiday rooms didn’t seem to be one of them.

I started pondering and craving this type of holiday season last year, and I made a vow to myself before November rolled around I would not let the external noise become the only thing I heard this year.

Keep It Simple Sister-Friend!

This is my anthem for Christmas 2017!

If you are standing up saying “preach” right now, let’s join hands and do this together.

I’ll picture us standing around a Christmas tree singing like the Whos in Whoville.

Are you with me?

I made the decision a few weeks ago not to participate in any holiday blog tours because I didn’t want to have any deadlines looming over me that would rob me of the joy I feel while preparing my home for the season.

Lately, it feels like if you don’t have your entire home blinged out before you’ve eaten the last of those Thanksgiving leftovers, you’re already behind. #SlowerandSimplerChristmas

I don’t want my family to look back and say “wow, remember how grumpy mom used to get at Christmas”!

So I’m keeping everything extra simple, and I’m doing it all at my own pace.

I was watching one of those organizing shows on HGTV one time, and the host shared the quote I included at the top of this post.

“Simplify to create serenity.”

A short but powerful phrase isn’t it?

If it doesn’t bring you joy or peace this season, let it go, friend, just let it go.

Slower Simpler Christmas

There are two things I’ve done differently this year to create my slower simpler Christmas.

First, I created a set of Advent candles. One of my fondest childhood memories while growing up in the Methodist Church was the lighting of the Advent candles and the readings which accompanied it.

My friend Sarah over at 1915 House shared with me how much she loved watching  Edie Wadsworth’s Facebook lives. I checked her out one morning when she was talking about her upcoming Advent series.

I was so inspired by her that I decided to create my Advent candles. We’ll chat more about these in a moment.

The second thing I did this year, (this may sound a little weird) I grabbed one of those yellow legal-size notepads, and I walked from room to room thinking about how I wanted each particular space to look and feel for Christmas.

Have you ever done this?  I can’t believe I haven’t tried this before now.

It totally changed the way I felt going into December.  I had an intentional on paper plan, and it was liberating.

I usually feel like I’m gasping for air when December 1st rolls around.

Not this year. I feel surprisingly jolly and deliciously light like Mr. Scrooge when he realized he hadn’t missed Christmas!

Will you join me?

Before I close, allow me to share the Advent candles I mentioned. I’m sharing one with you today.

This year I am savoring a slower simpler Christmas season and it started this Advent candle.

There are four candles in total which represent hope, peace, joy, and love.

I’m pretty confident we could all use buckets of all the above 365 days a year.

Here’s to a slower simpler Christmas season.

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I plan on doing a live video next week to show you how easy and inexpensive it was to create my candles.

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With much love,

your sister in paint























  1. Kim says:

    Yes, yes, yes. I love this time of year and have always made it as simple as possible. Of course, now that I am..ahem…older, things are even simpler for me. A few white lights, a few less Santas and a lot more family time. Enjoy!

  2. Tonya says:

    We’ve decided that we wouldn’t be exchanging gifts this year. No last minute shopping, stressing over finding just the right thing. My family will be coming over for dinner, a night of board games and our favorite Christmas movies. I’ve put up the trees but the ornaments are in a vintage crate next to the fireplace. With a bit of greenery, I’m calling it done. Here’s to a slower, simpler Christmas! This post is totally speaking my language. Merry Christmas Lisa!

  3. Stacey says:

    Lisa, it’s definitely slower and simpler here at our house this year. It just feels like that’s what is needed. Thanks for encouraging us to calm down. 🙂

  4. Toni |Small Home Soul says:

    I completely agree with everything that you said! And you said it beautifully my friend.
    I’m sitting in my living room right now (with my coffee) and the only thing that’s up is my tree. I plan to put out a few more decorations today but I’m not going all out this year

    I’ll never have a BHG decorated home for the holidays. I’ll never decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving and I’m perfectly okay with that.

    I love Christmas and I love inspiring other people but I won’t be a stress basket this time of year when our focus should really be on celebrating the arrival of our Savior and enjoying family time.

  5. Mary says:

    Yes Lisa it spoke volumes to me. I have gone on all those blog hops and had time constraints but it was my choice. And because I did all of that and not over the top, I will have lots of time to devote to the family because I’m done with my projects.

    I have also simplified everything because all those colors and clutter were making me sick. To much visual stimulation.

    So yes it will be a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas for us. I will you a very Merry Christmas dear friend.

  6. Patricia Krank says:

    I was just commenting to my husband this morning about how tired I am of Christmas home tours. Not that everyone’s homes aren’t wonderful and inspiring but that it seems like Christmas (for many bloggers) is all about showing off what they have. Maybe I’m feeling it more this year because I haven’t even put up one Christmas decoration since we are packing to move. In a way I feel relieved that I don’t have to decorate this year so what does that tell you?
    Anyhoo, I’m happy that you’ve decided to slow down and savor the season. I pray that you’ll have the best Christmas ever. Blessings, Patti

    • Lisa says:

      Yesssss Patti! I enjoy all the home tours and I find them inspiring, but I know exactly what you mean. I am glad you enjoyed reading my thoughts on the season, and I wish you all the best this holiday season.


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