10 Inspirational Kitchens To Swoon Over

For day 6 of my Kitchen Makeover in 31 Days series, I’ve rounded up some of the most inspirational kitchens that will have you swooning.

Inspirational kitchens to swoon over.

I knew before I wrote the first word of this 31-day kitchen makeover series, I would need to include a few posts that wouldn’t require so much of my brain power to write.

Something just for fun yet still about kitchens.

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10 Inspirational Kitchens

I’ve combed Pinterest to gather up ten inspirational kitchens which I consider to be swoon-worthy and I think you will feel the same way.

I did notice as I was gathering all this goodness together that these kitchens have a common denominator that I found myself drawn to.

If you notice it too, you will receive bonus points for leaving your answer in the comments below. 😉

Let’s start over at Farmhouse Made’s kitchen. Kim just finished painting cabinets and has written the best tutorial on the subject I have ever read. I’m using a few of her tips to finish my cabinets.

1915 House not only painted her cabinets, but she also painted her linoleum floors. Gasp!  They look amazing, and Sarah says they are holding up beautifully even with four boys and a dog running around.

I just recently had the opportunity to see this brand new beautiful kitchen in person. It is just lovely. Stacey from Poofing the Pillows has great taste, and it shows with every finish she selected.

If you don’t know Christy from The Harper house, here’s your official introduction. She and her husband are house flippers extraordinaires!  My favorite part of this kitchen is the budget-friendly chalkboard art she created.

I would have to say the kitchen of my dreams includes butcher block cabinets. There’s just something about light cabinets and warm wood that speaks to me. Miss Mustard Seed’s kitchen is cozy and inviting.

My friend Denise and I speak the same thrifty language.  She’s added lots of farmhouse style to her kitchen all on a budget.

This kitchen!!!!!  Yes, I did just use five exclamation points. It was one of the first pins I added to my kitchen design board. The layout is almost identical to mine and really like the contrasting color on the island.

This kitchen by Jennifer Rizzo is also very similar to mine. That chandelier just puts the whole thing over the top for me.

It doesn’t matter what season Stonegable has decorated her kitchen for it-is-stunning!

I could never roundup kitchens without including what is probably the most famous farmhouse style kitchen ever. I just want to sit at that island and have coffee with Chip and Joanna.

Are you feeling inspired right now?

Now let’s paint something, shall we?


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  1. Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness I love every single one of these amazing kitchens!!! (And thanks for including my floors!!!)
    And the common denominator I see??? WHITE CABINETS!! Do I win??😉❤️

  2. Kim says:

    Lot of pretty here. I am one of those girls who could’ve worn a different dress to every part of my wedding (so many gorgeous ones out there) and I could have 10 kitchens in my house (too many pretties to pick just one)!

  3. Shirley says:

    Love the white cabinets! Love your Blog! Love the thriftiness of your projects! I am a dedicated follower. Keep it coming.

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