My Recipe For An Early Fall Front Porch

My recipe for an early fall front porch is as follows; find simple, rustic, and refined elements and add liberally.

I'm serving apple cider when you visit my early fall front porch. I used simple, rustic, and refined elements to create all the fall feelings.

Before I say anything about early fall in Texas, I want you to know that it almost seems silly to complain about heat or anything else for that matter while so many of my fellow Texans have lost so much. I am so thankful for the safety of my home.

With that being said, think about the word fall or autumn, then close your eyes and tell me what’s the first image that pops into your head.

Was it Indian corn?

Or maybe hay bales?

How about corn stalks?

I love all of those things, but in my neck of the woods, it’s pretty hard to find those ingredients in the middle of September.

And while some portions of the country are snapping photos of leaves changing colors and visiting pumpkin patches while drinking hot cider, we are still sweating it out; literally.

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My recipe for an early fall front porch

It’s no secret how much I love the season. I’m like Linus waiting all night for the Great Pumpkin to appear. I pine for fall like a lovesick teenager.

There’s only one small problem I face every year.  Fall in Texas takes its sweet time to arrive.

Oh sure, it teases us with chilly 57-degree mornings and then by the afternoon it’s 90 again. #forthelove

So what’s a die-hard fall loving girl like me to do when she’s invited to a fall front porch blog hop, and it’s too early for all the trappings of Autumn?

It required a little creativity, but once I decided on the look and feel I wanted my early fall front porch to have, the rest was pretty easy.

Three Words

When I think of outdoor fall spaces, three words come to mind.

  • Simple
  • Rustic
  • Refined

So with coffee in my hand, I set out to assemble my ingredients with fervor!

I can’t wait to show you, are you ready?

Must have mums

I’m pretty sure it’s written somewhere in the outdoor guide to fall decorating that you must buy mums. Buy them in all the colors that create that delicious feeling you get when you plant, and the earth smells cool and wonderful and earthy. (or whatever you can find at your local nursery)

I decided to use yellow judiciously to keep it feeling chilly. 🙂

Since mums fill both my requirements of simple and refined, let’s move on to the rustic ingredients.

I found an old rusty oil burning lantern at an online auction site; cleaned it up a bit and put a cute little orange pumpkin inside. I thought about drawing a face on him. I still might.

My olive buckets were just too shiny, so I let them sit out in my flower beds over the summer.

Now they have just the right amount of rusticity.

And since it’s still getting a little toasty by late afternoon around here, we’re gonna need something a little crisp and refreshing to sip on.

How about a glass of sparkling apple cider while we leaf through my favorite fall magazines?

I am completely smitten with these log slices I bought this year. They were only a dollar each.

Now, I have to be honest with you, I love having my headboard bench out front, but there’s only been one thing I needed to make it truly comfortable.

A place to put my feet. I guess it’s a vertically challenged person thing, but I need to have my feet up off the ground a little.

So, I gave this footstool it’s second makeover using burlap fabric, added a farmhouse style stencil, and painted the legs using leftover chalkboard paint. Because black is refined right?

In the words of Goldilocks, “it’s just right.”


Now that you’ve seen my ingredients and how I used them, what do you think of my recipe?

After I placed the last pumpkin and mum, I stood back and smiled.

To me, anything we create inside or outside our homes should be a reflection of who we truly are and it should make you feel happy and glad to be there.

If you are craving white pumpkins, hay bales and other autumnal inspiration, have a look at the Welcoming Autumn Blog Hop to see all the spaces my friends have created.

Your fall loving sister in paint,


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My recipe for an early fall front porch is find simple, rustic, and refined elements, and use liberally.


  1. Sarah says:

    Lisa, your porch is giving me all the feels…I just wanna curl up on that bench with a cup of rosemary-infused cider and chat for hours… such a gorgeous spot, sweet friend! 😀

  2. Stacey says:

    Oh girl, your porch is so pretty with your bench and the mums. I’d take my apple cider with some ice today!! 🙂

    We just basically have to fake fall. Right?

  3. Kim says:

    What a beautiful porch! I am a summer girl through and through, but I am charmed by the pretty fall decor. Of course, in the northeast (at least where I am) it’s still 85 degrees and sunny with flowers and green leaves. So no pumpkins yet…but soon.

  4. FLORENCE @ VintageSouthernPicks says:

    Lisa, I love your porch design ideas! I need to get working on mine for a cohesive look, and I’m with you…it’s still so hot here, it’s hard to think about Fall yet. Love the stool, pumpkins, and lantern you’re showing! Seeing that cider has me smacking my lips! I can just taste it!

  5. Kim says:

    Lisa, I am drooling over that footstool, girl. It’s so cute! I so am loving your porch, it’s so cozy and welcoming and I want to come hang out there, and pretend it’s 60, instead of 90. Lol

  6. Joanna says:

    Really cute – I love your fall porch. I have tons of wood slices left from my daughter’s wedding decor and I would never have thought to use them in my outdoor displays… until now. Thanks!

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