DIY Grain Sack Stripe Towels Under Ten Dollars

DIY Grain Sack Stripe Towels

Yesssss! That’s the sound your bank account made a couple of months ago after recovering from all the holiday spending.  (If your bank account could talk of course)

But wait, what’s this? Staring at the calendar, you suddenly realize Teacher Appreciation Day is coming up, there are Easter baskets to fill, and you just got a bridal shower invitation from Susie. Don’t forget Mother’s Day!

It’s enough to make you break out into a gift-giving sweat. Especially when you count up all the teachers Billy has. You could just phone it in with a Starbucks card. As a former teacher, I can tell you gift cards are highly coveted and appreciated, but even if you purchase a $5 card for each teacher, this can add up pretty quickly.

What if I told you it’s possible to whip up a handmade gift that would be enjoyed longer than a momentary mocha?

What if I told you it wasn’t necessary to spend hours on Pinterest to find a handmade gift idea?

What if I told you this handmade gift has farmhouse style, and you can create 5 of them for under $10?

If that statement put a smile on your face, then you’ve landed in the right place.

Gather round sweet friends because we’re going to make a few DIY grain sack stripe towels.

Are you ready to enter the Gift Givers Hall of Fame?

Let’s Do This

The inspiration for this project came from the book I shared with you last month titled A Touch Of Farmhouse Charm by Liz Fourez.

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If you’re keeping track, this is the first project I decided to make from said book.

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Here’s what you will need.

  1. Flour Sack Towels
  2. Multi-Surface Acrylic Craft Paint
  3. Painter’s Tape
  4. Small paint brush

That’s it. Yes, you read this correctly.

Here’s the five pack of flour sack towels I purchased from WalMart. I love the texture and weight of these towels. The best part is the price tag, $4.43.

DIY grain sack stripe towels make the perfect gift for all those teachers, moms, and brides. You can make 5 for under $10!

Trial and Error

Since I knew I had five towels to play around with, I purchased three different colors, warm buff, timeless gray, and deep navy. I wanted neutrals that would work for almost anyone’s decor. I realize navy might not work for everyone, but when you think of grain sack stripes, blue is usually the first color that comes to mind. 🙂 It’s a classic look.

I purchased multi-surface paints because according to the label, they can be used on many surfaces including fabric. These small bottles were only .87 a piece. If you opt for a regular acrylic craft paint, you will need to add a fabric medium to make your stripes permanent and washable.

If you are like me, you probably have a few of those little plastic medicine cups tucked away. Well, it turns out they are the perfect size for small amounts of paint.

I used a 3/4″ brush, but you can also use a spouncer like the one I used to paint my grain sack stripe pillows.

I spent a fair amount entirely too much time looking at grain sack stripe patterns on Pinterest. The possibilities are endless. After playing around with a couple of combinations, the one in this photo turned out to be my favorite. I like the mixture of wider and thinner stripes together.

You only need a few supplies to create your own DIY grain sack stripe towels for under $10.

3 Important Tips

First, be sure to have a drop cloth, cardboard, or wax paper underneath your towel. They are very thin, and the paint will seep through in some spots.

Second, make sure to firmly press the edges of your tape down, just like you would for any other paint project to make sure your paint doesn’t seep underneath.

Third, remove the tape immediately after painting. Hold the edge of the towel firmly with one hand while you pull the tape off.

Okay, here’s one more tip, use a light hand when brushing the paint on to avoid pushing the paint under the edges of the tape.

Now all you need to do is lay them out to dry!  It’s really that simple.

I honestly wasn’t a fan of the deep navy color until I put them next to this plate that my dad brought back from Japan to give to my grandmother. 🙂

These DIY grain sack stripe towels couldn't be any easier make and they are so budget friendly

As you can see, you could use these as powder room hand towels or in a kitchen, which makes them a versatile gift.

Here they are lined up in a farmhouse row!

You can have 5 of the DIY grain sack stripe towels completed in just an afternoon or evening.

Cost Breakdown

Five pack flour sack towels $4.43

3 bottles multi-surface paint .87 x 3= $2.61

Total spent, $7.04 (tax not included)

Cost per towel, $1.40ish. Yesssssss!!!!!!

The painter’s tape and brushes were supplies I already had on hand.

This was a fun, no stress project which I desperately needed after working two straight weeks on my $100 master bathroom makeover.

Don’t you just love receiving something handmade that looks like it took all the many hours to create?

I know I do.

I’m thinking of stockpiling these in preparation for all gift giving occasions, and I need a few for myself.

Ten on the 10th!

You just read this month’s installment of the Ten on the 10th Challenge. It truly is a “challenge” to come up with an idea or a project under $10, but I have had fun each month creating something to fit the bill.

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  1. Carole @ Garden Up Green says:

    This material is fantastic – been using dish towels from grain sacks since I was a kid. Love how you added a little color with the blue stripes. I’m thinking of doing a green dye on a set because with farm life it’s hard to keep white towels stain free. These are the perfect gift idea and every mom would love them!!

    • Lisa says:

      Carole, I think I would love to paint a set with red and green stripes, not together of course. I think black would also have a modern farmhouse look.

    • Lisa says:

      Carol, I have been using the plain ones for a long time as well. We are working painting our kitchen, so I think I will paint a few just for myself.

  2. Maureen says:

    I have been using these towels forever, but never thought to paint on them. I will definitely be giving this a try. Being in the middle of a kitchen reno, finding easy and inexpensive decorative touches like this one is a bonus!

    • Lisa says:

      Saving money is always a good thing. I also just love the unpainted flour sack towels. They are the perfect weight drying and wiping all kinds of things.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Barbara Chapman ~ French Ethereal says:

    These grain sack cloths that you made are sooo cute! I have a whole bunch of those Walmart cloths washed and ready to go just waiting for a project.
    Might have to make one or two over the next couple of days ~ supposed to rain. 😉
    Thanks for a fun idea,
    Barb 🙂

  4. Shelly says:

    These are precious. I am always looking for simple dish towels that do not break the bank as we go through them like crazy. Thanks for sharing this project…even my non crafty self might be able to accomplish this one!

  5. Leanna says:

    Awesome inspiration post Lisa. I am going to play with this idea. Love how your towels turned out.

    I recently tried to mod podge mason jars prints on a farmhouse towel and they were awful. I will try the painting idea. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Karen says:

    This is a fantastic idea, Lisa. You’re a genius! But here’s my greatest take-away from your post: those medicine cups as paint containers for small amounts. Why haven’t I ever thought of this??? (Don’t answer that!) 🙂

    Yeah, I had thought i was ahead of the game and now you’ve reminded me that I’d better get a few of these whipped up to have on hand as we head into this edition of gift giving season. These will be super fun to make and I love how inexpensive they are too.

    Thanks for sharing your creative expertise!

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