5 DIY Projects Using Sample Paint Colors

The Sample Paint Colors Secret

Anytime someone is about to share a juicy secret, what’s the first thing they say?  It’s usually something like, “You can’t tell anyone else this,” or “pinky promise you won’t tell a soul.” Right?

The amazingness of the secret is in direct proportion with how badly you want to tell somebody, anybody about it right away.

Some secrets are meant to be kept, but there are those underbelly painting secrets that deserve, nay have to be shared.

It may seem I’m overly somewhat dramatic since I already spilled the beans with my title “5 DIY Projects Using Sample Paint Colors,” but saving a pile of cash is worth the drama.

Don’t you agree?

I have some amazing projects to share with you from my talented friends that were completed using only sample paint colors.

You know the 8-ounce size (7.7 ounces) you can purchase from almost any hardware or big box project store?

The same sample size pots you buy in bulk when you are trying to decide on a new paint color in your house, and you paint ten different stripes on the wall.

All of the features I’m about to share with you were created using a sample jar just like this one.

All you need is 1/4 cup of paint and a cup of water to create a whitewash furniture mix.

5 DIY Projects Using Sample Paint Colors

First up, is this fabulous front porch makeover by my girlfriend Kim of Farmhouse Made. She used a sample paint color by Behr in Olive. Don’t you love the way it pops behind her black screen door?


This amazing front door was painted using an 8 ounce sample paint color by Behr.

Farmhouse front door by Farmhouse Made

Next up is this sweet little rocker from Jess of My DIY Envy. She scored this paint sample for a mere .50 and mixed it up with a little Diva of DIY Chalk Mix to make a chalky finish paint.

You can DIY so many different projects using only sample paint colors from your local hardware store.

Yellow Rocker from My DIY Envy.

I adore red painted furniture and Anika of Anika’s DIY Life gave this Ikea Ivar cabinet a pretty new finish using Red Brush by Olympic.

This Ikea Ivar cabinet was painted using a sample size paint in Red Brush by Olympic.

Ikea Ivar cabinet makeover by Anika’s DIY Life.

There’s a reason my friend Sherry calls herself the Savvy Apron. She scored a sample paint for just .99 during a sale at Lowe’s.  She was almost able to coat the entire bed frame using just one jar but wound up using a tiny amount from a second jar.

This beautiful sleigh bed was given a face lift using an 8 ounce sample paint color.

Sleigh bed makeover by Savvy Apron

And last but not least, here’s my latest project. I tried my hand at creating a whitewash finish using a sample of Sherwin Williams Swiss Coffee.

You can create a whitewash paint finish under ten dollars using a paint sample and whole lot of elbow grease.

But wait, there’s more

Okay, before you grab a cup of coffee and dash away from here, I have one more to share. I almost forgot I painted my dining room chandelier in Kilim Beige by Sherwin Williams. 

I used Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige mixed with Diva of DIY's Chalk Mix to complete my dining room chandelier makeover.

I hope you leave here today feeling inspired. Be sure and check out the links below from this month’s edition of the Favorite 5. I’m looking forward to reading all about what my co-hosts, Debbie of Chatham Hill on the Lake and Christy of The Harper House are up to this month.

You might be surprised just how far an 8 ounce sample size paint color will go. Here's 5+ great ideas to inspire you.

Are you still there or have you raced off to purchase a color sample?

Until the next project, I remain…

your sister in paint.



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  1. Anika says:

    Thanks for including my red cabinet!
    Those sample paint pots are the best thing! I never leave the store without going through the oops section to find new colors 😀

  2. Sarah says:

    I absolutely love these projects and they make me want to run out right now and get myself some sample jars! Thank you for sharing these ideas girlfriend! 😍

  3. Leanna says:

    I use sample paints all the time. They give you more than enough paint for a variety of small projects. They also use less room then a full quart and of course they cost less.

    I think they are a win win

  4. Maria says:

    Love your friends projects love the red chest!and My favorite is that Chandelier of yours! Its just amazing how it looks after that coat of paint.

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